a Marilyn a day...

June 1st 1926 - August 5th 1962

"There was no such person as Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was an invention of hers. A genius invention that she created, like an author creates a character. So when Marilyn Monroe put on a sequin dress and danced in the studio—I mean for hours she danced and sang and flirted, and did this thing. There is no describing what she did, she did Marilyn Monroe… And then there was the inevitable drop because she was someone who went very high up and very way down. And when the night was over, she sat in the corner like a child with everything gone. But I wouldn’t photograph her without her knowledge of it. And as I came with the camera, I saw that she was not saying no."

A touching quote by the lovely and talented Richard Avedon.

Gemini often have two different sides to them. A quality that can certainly be found in Marilyn. Or should I say Norma Jeane? New York, 1957. Photos by Richard Avedon—

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